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Stronger Together

Lewis-Clark State College and the city of Lewiston have maintained a strong bond throughout the years. The city has provided assistance and stepped in during critical times, and the college has produced graduates who have filled a variety of roles to key Lewiston’s economic growth and development. Perhaps surprisingly, land has provided the backbone of this relationship.

The city of Lewiston donated 10 acres of land for the location of the college in the 1890s, and with the campus under construction, it was a downtown Lewiston business owner who donated space in his building on the second floor for temporary classrooms.

Lewis-Clark Valley residents continued to played a key role in the college’s history. Several residents donated books and supplies to help fill the first library. The college paid off immediately as it produced teachers to educate the children in the region. Through the years, graduates have filled a variety of jobs and roles in the community. Residents and businesses have helped with fundraising for buildings, such as the Activity Center, and in turn, the college has hosted numerous public events, including concerts and conferences. And every year hundreds of community members volunteer to help Lewis-Clark State College host the Avista-NAIA World Series, one of the regions premier events.

Today, land continues to play a key role in the college’s relationship with the city. The new home of the college’s Career & Technical Education facilities is part of an agreement with the city of Lewiston, the Lewiston School District, and LCSC. The three purchased land in the Lewiston Orchards more than a decade ago and are working together on the site that will contain the CTE facility, a new high school, and a city park. To make this partnership a reality, the three entities traded some land and worked together on the design details. This strong partnership will benefit the residents of the Lewis-Clark Valley.

Campus map of Lewiston State Normal School, circa 1946