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Your story is our story. Share your favorite Lewis-Clark State College memory!

Add Your Memory

Activity Center Dedication

Being associated with LCSC athletic radio coverage since basically 1971, I have a lot of great memories but my favorite LCSC memory is January 6, 2005 and the opening and dedication of the Activity Center. It was a full house, Governor Kempthorne along with other dignitaries were on hand and it was truly a night for a community celebration as finally the college and the community had a facility worthy of hosting not only athletic events, including many high school tournaments but also able to accommodate Commencement indoors for not just LCSC but also Lewiston and Clarkston High Schools.

Mike Ripley KOZE Radio 1970-2015

Christmas in the Ad Building

In the 1960s the student population was growing but still small enough for many students to know each other and be on speaking terms, if not a first name basis, with the faculty. It was easy to get a crowd together for pre ballgame activities or other student centered events. A Christmas tree and "Sing-a-Long" was held outside the President's office (which was on the first floor) the week before the Christmas break. Stuart Churchill, chair of the music department and a famous musician in his own right, led the LC choir in a few numbers and the group "sing." Times have changed, as have some of our customs, but what remains is that feeling of being part of the "LC Family."

Liz Chavez Class of '70